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the smart shirt,tailor made

The first technologically shirt with a fall protection pocket made for your mobile phone, for men only

Born in 2012 to make you save your money

ishirtech®, is the first technology applied since 2012 to the shirt only for men, with a fall protection technological pocket for your smartphone, without any button, designed for your Apple iPhone, compatible up to the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone SE (Apple seems to be returning to smaller sizes such as the SE model) and all previous models (we consider the size of the iPhone 13 model to be the maximum size to carry it comfortably with the ishirtech, so the Plus and Max models are too large and not compatible).

ishirtech® is the innovative line of shirts with buttonless pockets and t-shirts designed to make you forget about the weight and size of your iPhone.


With cuffs of over 8 cm, designed and built to wear a watch (also compatible for Apple Watch) while preserving it in time, it is the first shirt that relaunches this high-class personal ornament. To keep it invisible, to protect it from falls, you can try to drop it from your pocket several times in a row but it will be impossible (it must be inserted correctly under the special phone holder, check it before trying). Also, it protects your health from electromagnetic waves, radiating from the mobile phone you always carry with you.


Thanks to the ishirtech® collection, it is possible for the first time to combine elegance with high technology in textiles.

Ishirtech® shirts are 100% produced in Italy thanks to the work of Italian seamstresses. The right style solution to take care of your look and well-being at any time of the day and season.

All this is ishirtech®.

An exclusive collection that is the result of research and production that is completely Made in Italy.

You can also personalize it with the initials of your Name and Surname embroidered with a color that you will choose at the time of purchase.

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Each of us has infinite potential, but it has to be understood


"Since I have started to wear ishirtech I feel safer and my phone is always at hand"

Andrea Abbruzzese

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