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ishirtech® is the technology applied to the pocket of the shirt and t-shirt designed to make you forget the weight and size of your iPhone. To keep it invisibly, preserve it from falls. The style solution to take care of your look and well-being at any time of day and season, because ishirtech® is the white shirt par excellence and you wear it 12 months a year to have that extra touch of class compared to the others, saving the your iPhone. Result of researchand production completely Made in Italy. All this is ishirtech®.

Save you style

Keep you safe

To protect your health from electromagnetic waves radiating from the mobile phone you always carry with you. 
Thanks to the ishirtech collection it is possible for the first time to combine elegance with high technology in the textile field. Ishirtech shirts are 100% made in Italy thanks to the work of Italian seamstresses. The pocket is made of a particular fabric with nano steel filaments. 

The real outstanding result will be the economic one, because by placing your iPhone in the right way in your pocket, you will save it from accidental falls like those that may happen to us during our busy days. But there’s more: Ishirtech has thought of everything, so when you are not wearing the shirt, you can put your iPhone in the ishirtech® personalized case, the first of its kind because it will have the original logo, just like in the shirt you can find in our shop. Your wallet can finally smile.

Your savings

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