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ishirtech® is the technology applied to the pocket of the shirt and t-shirt designed to make you forget about the weight and size of your iPhone

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Thanks to the ishirtech® collection it is finally possible for the first time to combine elegance with high technology in textiles.

The real result will be the economic one, because by placing your iPhone in the right way in your pocket, you will save it from accidental falls like those that happen to us all during our day.



The "gadget" is, by definition, a product with reduced utility, something not essential but something we might want. We geeks are particularly attracted to technological gadgets and many of these are reviewed on the pages of SaggiaMente. HiTech clothing has existed for some time and in many different forms, but ishirtech products stand out for their quality and can not simply be reduced to gadgets.

Made in Italy, but in this particular case we can say Made in Modena. The new and revolutionary idea called ishirtech was conceived under the Ghirlandina. What is it about? A 'tool' to prevent our mobile phone, from the simplest to the most modern smartphone, from being damaged due to an accidental fall, as often happens.

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